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  • Timeless & sustainable design- a garment is not sustainable unless it is desirable enough to wear and keep for a long, long time.
  • We inform our customers about treating your garments to last a lifetime. Air instead of washing. If need of washing in water -use natural soap and only wash spots to avoid wasting water and unnecessary tear.

Our goal is zero waste

  • We only produce our collections on demand - no extra stock that will not be used or dumped.
  • For our collections we use 20% of stock materials to avoid productions of new materials.
  • We continuously donate left over materials to schools and kindergartens.
  • Shoes and other accessories from fashion shows are re-used or donated to charity each season. Nothing is thrown away.
  • We recycle all everyday waste and partner with ecological garbage collector company Balanzen.

How we work

  • At our in-house design studio we develop our samples. By doing so we make sure we create high quality products and we reduce unnecessary shipments back and forth to factories for amendments.
  • 98 % of our production is made in Europe.
  • All shipments from our garment factory to our warehouse in Sweden, is made by boat and truck, causing less emissions compared to air shipment.
  • We make regular visits to our factories to ensure good conditions for workers, to control the line of production and to make sure our ethical guidelines are followed.

Social Responsibility

  • We have signed the Swedish Fashion Ethical Charter, which is a policy that stands for shared values and guidelines on body ideals, diversity and issues on corporate social responsibility.
  • We believe that equality and mutual respect is a necessary foundation for a sustainable work environment.
  • We do not accept any form of discrimination, sexist or racist behavior.
  • We work with a sustainable development and organic growth to grow slowly and surely.


  • When developing new styles, we always consider the cutting, in order to minimize waste fabric.
  • Many of our materials are running over several seasons, this enables smarter production with less fabric waste.
  • We calculate our fabric need very thoroughly, to make sure to never buy any excess fabric for our production.
  • We never use real fur or down, as we do not want to harm any animals. Our faux fur is mainly made of natural fibres.
  • In our merino knitwear we only use muelsing free wool.